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Fireplaces & Fireplace Inserts


Zero clearance Fireplaces & Fireplace inserts

Everyone knows one of the most desired option in any home today, is the fireplace. Few people have any idea, the staggering amount of choices they have! That's where we specialize. The three type you have to choose from is the same as you get with a freestanding stove; wood, pellet or gas burning.

Fuel choices for our fireplaces

One of the oldest forms of home heating is burning wood. The technology in the modern stoves improves efficiency and heat output while constantly improving the environmental impact.
Wood pellets, a bi-product of wood product manufacturing, consist of tightly compressed sawdust or waste from saw milling plants.
Both natural gas and LP gas are the third burning option. Dean's has a vast selection of some of the most efficient gas fireplaces on the market.

Dean's Stove and Spa has sold and installed more Fireplace Xtrordinair's than any other dealer east of the Mississippi river, so rest assured, we can help you! When planning your selection of a heating appliance the most important factor that must be considered is the fuel you wish to burn: wood or gas (natural gas or propane). Wood is the traditional fuel for stoves and fireplaces. Wood creates a hot and cheerful fire. If you are thinking about wood as a fuel, consider that you will need a reliable source of quality cord wood.

Direct vent gas fireplaces are by far the largest selling category of gas fireplaces in the northeast today. Some of these direct vent gas fireplaces are compact, like the Fireplace Xtrodinair Bed & Breakfast, designed to take up very little space. They are taller than wide, so they look great elevated say in a bedroom.

Dean's Stove & Spa is also a dealer and installer of the worlds most efficient soap stone fireplaces, Tulikivi.

Most people know that a masonry fireplace makes your home colder by sending furnace heated air up your chimney. So whether it is a zero clearance, multi-view or soap stone and burns gas or wood, you are guaranteed to find the best, and most efficient products within our enormous showroom. Take a look below at some of the wonderful products you will find at Dean's Stove & Spa.

Dean's Stove & Spa has some of the most fuel efficient fireplaces and fireplace inserts in stock and on display. Let's all get the most out of our heating dollar!

Come into Dean's Stove & Spa and experience a showroom that is second to none. Our technically trained representatives are ready to assist you get the most heat out of your budget!